Route 318 Online Ticketing


Reservations are required to ride Route 318. Passengers without reservations will be taken on a space available basis at the pickup. Reserved passengers have priority over passengers with no reservation. Passengers with a Flexible ticket have priority over passengers not yet ticketed. Reserved passengers will lose their reservations if not present at least 10 minutes prior to the pickup. The same seats that you traveled to the park in are not guaranteed on the return.

Passengers must bring a copy of their ticket and a picture ID to the pickup.

There are no refunds. We will accommodate date and time changes based on availability.

Please consult the transportation schedule before booking a trip at .


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Route 318 Flexible Tickets

Not sure when you are traveling? Buy a Flexible ticket and you can ride on any Route 318 trip with available seats. Passengers with a Flexible ticket have priority over non-reserved customers.

Need a reservation for a specific date and time? Buy a Flexible ticket and then e-mail us at to book that seat.
Route 318 Early Bird Tickets

Limited quantities of Early Bird Tickets are available for a discounted rate.